Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate
Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate
Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate
  Q:   Are you able to show me all properties on the market in my price range?  
    Yes - the Summit Association of Realtors operates a Multiple Listing Service and as a member I have access to every listing on the market in Summit need to shop around.  
  Q: What is a typical closing time?  
    Usually 30 to 45 days. Cash closings are usually shorter. When a loan is involved we need to allow time for appraisal and full loan approval. With single family homes and raw land, surveys will take a little time to complete.  
  Q: Full disclosure? What does that mean?  
    This means I will disclose to you, among other things, any adverse material facts that I know about the property. In addition the seller will provide you with a Seller's Property Disclosure where they too have to disclose any adverse material facts of which they are aware.  
  Q: Do you work with lenders and property management companies?  
    Every day. I will be glad to supply you with some recommendations of each whom I work with regularly. You can make an informed choice. (Ask me why a local lender will be a better option for you)  
  Q: What can be/is included in the purchase price?  
    Typically in our market, personal property included in the sale will include most or all of the appliances and in many cases a property will come fully furnished. Requesting a professional cleaning of the interior or just the carpets is also typical.  
  Q: Are prices negotiable?  
    Typically yes, but every seller is different so every negotiation is different. Knowing the average sale price v list price can help - I can let you know what that is running at currently.  
   Q: What about earnest money?  
    Earnest money is one of the factors that imply the strength of your offer. After all, from a seller's point of view, that is what you are willing to walk away from if you were to default on your contract. The more earnest money the stronger the offer, but typically around 2% of purchase price.  
  Q: Closing Costs?  
    When you buy a property within the town limits of Breckenridge or Frisco, buyers customarily pay a Transfer Tax at closing. The tax is 1% of the purchase price and funds town amenities like the golf course, Riverwalk Center and Recreation Center. Fees for these facilities are significantly reduced for "in town" residents.  
  Q: Can we handle this from long distance?  
    Yes. Fax, phone and email take care of most everything and closings happen by courier in 80% of cases.  
  Q: Services after we are "under contract"?  
    Once I have helped you find your dream home, there are a myriad of details I will help you handle before closing which include:  
  a) Coordinating and negotiating the inspection

b) Liaising with your lender and appraiser to ensure a timely closing

c) Working with the title company on dozens of closing details and preparation of your settlement statement
d) Make sure you receive association documents and minutes from home owner association meetings

e) Coordinate the arrangements for the closing

f) Continue as your source of information and assistance for the months and years to come.
Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate  



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